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Contact and Membership information:


How do I contact you?

To use our “Contact Us” tools, first Log In to the site.  The “Contact Us” button is located in the top navigation bar, and also at the bottom of each webpage.  Click the most relevant link and send and email. 


How do I cancel?

You can cancel at any time by emailing us.  You can use our “Contact Us” tool.  You must Log In first before you can use this option.  Go to “Contact Us” located in the top navigation bar.  Click on the reason you are contacting us and fill out your information.  Please make sure you enter the reason you are cancelling in the feedback area.  You can also cancel by sending an email to


How much does membership cost?

Memberships are free and are all access.  There are no restrictions.  You must have a profile to get all access. 


How long is my free profile active?

Your free profile is active until you contact us to cancel it.



The Sugar World Operation and Navigation Questions:


How do I log in?

Click on Login in the upper right corner of the screen.  Enter your Username and Password.  If you forgot your password or need help logging in, you can email us at or contact us through our online Contact page.


How do I add someone to my Favorites?

Click the Add to Favorites tab on the user’s profile.  It has a heart icon. 


How do I delete someone from my Favorites?

Click the heart icon in the upper right corner of the screen and that will bring you to you Favorites.   You can also click the heart icon located on the left column of your admin page.  Click the red X next to the user you want to remove.


How do I block someone?

Click the blocking symbol in the upper right corner of the screen or on the left column of you admin page.  Then click the red X next to the user you want to block.


Why can’t I upload my images?

answer here...



Questions About The Profile Page:


How do I suspend my profile?

Click on the “Contact Us” button in the top navigation bar or at the bottom of each webpage.  Send us an email and we will suspend your profile for you. 


Why wasn’t my profile approved?

Your profile may fail approval if we find it to be unacceptable for a variety of reasons.  If you include any sort of private or alternative contact information about yourself, we will delete the contact information and we may not approve your profile.  Please remember that anyone browsing the site can read your profile, therefore, your profile may fail approval for vulgar or offensive language.  We advise you to stay within the accepted dating site parameters by posting information about yourself and what you’re looking for so we can approve you profile


Why was my profile deleted?

In such cases where you ignore multiple profile approval failures or our attempts to edit our information that is not allowed, we may be forced to delete your profile or set it as “not approved” and not allow any further editing.



Photo and Video Questions?


How do I upload photos?

You must be Logged In, then click the Image Gallery button in the left column of your user admin page.  Click “Choose File” to select an image, and your photo size limit per photo is 50MB.  The file types accepted are: .jpg/jpeg, .png, .gif, .tiff, and .bmp  After you have uploaded more than one photo, you can select which one you would like be your main profile photo.  Then click Save when you are finished.


How many photos can I upload?

You can upload up to 10 images.

How do I upload video?

You must be Logged In first, then click on the Video button on the left column of your user admin page.  Click “Choose File” and select a video file to upload.  Currently, only 1 video upload per profile is allowed.  Maximum file size: 50MB.  Our accepted file types are: .flv, .mov, .mpg, .mpeg, .wmv, .avi.


How much video can I upload?

Currently, only 1 video upload per profile is allowed.  Maximum file size: 50MB


What is the video upload intended for?

We allow you to upload an “Introduction Video” of yourself, so that other members can get a better idea of who you are.  Your upload can not contain nudity or offensive behavior of any kind!


Can I post nudity?

We understand that although you may be extremely proud of your anatomy and would like to share images of it with the other members of the site, you agreed not to do so on per the Terms and Conditions when you signed up for the site. We will remove all images we deem unfit. Any further attempts to upload the inappropriate images again will force us to remove you from the site fully - and you will forfeit any monies you have paid for your membership.



Warnings and Consequences for Solicitation and Illegal Activities


What will happen if I decide to advertise my services (eg: escort, dating services, avon sales etc.) on here?

We take this breech of Terms of Use very seriously. Firstly: Your profile will be immediately suspended by the management - we are not an escort site, nor are we here for you to advertise your products for sale. Secondly: If you persist in solicitary activities, in accordance with the ICANN laws we will report you to your domain registrar (ISP) for spam. Please note: If your profile is removed from the site for solicitation, you will not receive a refund of any membership fees you may have paid


Why was I marked as a spammer?

Several users you contacted reported your communications as spam. Additionally, the ratio of messages reported as spam to the number of messages you sent out was too high. To rectify this situation, we suggest that you change the content of your messages so they are less likely to be misconstrued as spam

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